TOP - week of graphic design
Tabulators Observing Pages or Week of Graphic Design in Usti nad Labem (TOP) is an international series of workshops and lectures to be held in Usti nad Labem at the Faculty of Arts and Design, University of J. E. Purkyně at the Graphic Design 1 studio. The aim of this newly established platform is to improve co-operation of students of Czech and foreign art schools where the graphic design is tought, this is also quite a unique project in the Czech Republic due to the size and broad range of students that attend from different countries.

TOP Visual Identity
The starting point for the whole visual style is a symbol of a black box which was used to contain printing toners and had the word TOP printed on it. This became the name for the project too. Toners are a very important thing for graphic designers. We realised that whilst preparing The week of graphic design. The visual style is based on language jokes which always use as first letters T, O and P. So the name of the project flows through its whole identity in a humorous style. Tabulators Observing Pages became the first sentence for posters. This was the first year of The week of graphic design so it was mainly about making new contacts, coleagues and teams. We applyed this "network" to the visual style of all printed materials thanks to special scripts which connect letters, words and texts. Using scripts we weaved all the application forms, invitations, posters, instalations and last but not least, a publication which brings together all the workshops and lectures. It was published in an edition of 200 copys, printed in two colours on recycled paper.

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