a project curated by CCAB :: contemporanean curatorial arts Berlin 2012


- - Concerns about art archiving have increased recently. There is no list or unified archive of filed artists and there is great inconsistency in the information available.
We are working on a scoping study for a registry of filed artists and their work. The study involves desk research, interviews and art-pieces.
The study finds that there is a perceived need for more accessible information about art. It is expected that a solution, which goes beyond simple cataloging and exhibiting, will be found.
In addition, the audience should learn how to access art in new ways in case standard routes are unavailable. - -

This Project is organised and produced by Maru Carranza
Co-curated by Maru Carranza, Susana Panea
biographical texts in spanish by Aida Blanco
some translations into english by Ana Sencic
production assistance Marina Izquierdo

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