Laura Cortese - Viola, Vocal

Audio recorded by Matt Malikowski at Dimension Sound Studios, Jamaica Plain, MA.
Video shot on a Canon T2i & Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8.

Thanks to John Beaton for lending his incredible words to this song.

"I Am The House"

Words by John Beaton
Music by Laura Cortese

I am the house, the beach, the barn, the grove

that holds you still—the place you first made love.

I held you when a kiss led to caresses

as tender as an April fiddlehead

uncurling in the woods. When fall undresses

the birch and hazel we will still be wed.

I bore you when your heartbeat and your breathing 

galloped, hooves on the wind, out of the trees

across a meadowland of bulbs unsheathing

flower-stems that lilted in the breeze.

The petals fell. You lay on me while feeling

settled like a dew on bracken fronds;

you saw, below my sky or stars or ceiling,

the droplets shine like rose-cut diamonds.

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