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Silver BassAward for best Openning sequence//TV series 2013

Note that the Audio is not the final version!

Kevin and I spent the four first month of 2012 creating this Opening for the new TV series created by Titmouse studio for The Walt Disney company.
Our references quality wise were the "Thundercats" Opening (still one of the best opening sequences to this day) and all the "Sailor Moon" types of transformation sequences that only the Japanese can do best.

Made under Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Flash and a little bit of Maya (to create the hallway)

The Walt Disney Company

Production Company:
Passion Pictures

Kevin Dart & Stephane Coedel

Ryan Goodwin-Smith

Production Assistant:
Lucy Morton-Hicks

Rich Wake
Stephen Vuillemin
Alessandra Sorrentino

Animation Assistants:
Maxwell Oginni
Anita Corcoran
Martynas Juchnevicius
Sam Cundall
Perrie Murphy
James Newport

CG artist:
Francois Pons

Doodle Designer:
JJ Villard
Stephen Vuillemin

Rob Ward
Stephane Coedel

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