The Unesco World Heritage is an irreplaceable, unique, universal value for all, but too often we seem to underestimate this treasure and our eyes are indifferent and nescient toward the monuments, places and natural beauties.

Unescope is a mobile app that emphasizes the importance thanks to a visual representation of the loss: "what if there wasn't?" is the concept and "The only way to do not to lose something is do not forget" is our motto.
Based on a quiz-task challenge, the experience goad the users and the tourists to improve their knowledge as they gained information, but in a fun and non stressful way.

Created during the Augmented Reality and Mobile Experience Course at Politecnico di Milano,
briefing by Touring Club Italiano.
Concept and realization by Francesca Fornoni, Sofia Girelli, Daniele Lupatini, Mattia Parietti.

voice: Sofia Girelli
soundtrack: Always (Tomboy remix) - Para One

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