"No One Gets Out of Here Alive": A comedic dance-theater piece about awkward junior high and plastic regressions of adulthood explores differences between mature and immature behavior via adult commentary with a Brechtian Slant.

The clothes thing, boob thing, boyfriend thing, nasty, gossipy, destructive behavior, and much more: all illuminated through excitingly quirky and deconstructed dance vocabulary including a hormonal dance vocabulary, quick physical mood shifts, provocative tableaux, slow‐motion fight scenes, lip‐syncing, athletic partnering, exaggerated facial expressions, situational comedy, dream sequences, and “inventive” committed social dancing.

"Alive" is loosely based off Fellion's astute observations as a nerdy, shy “outsider” in 6th grade. Through boy‐short hair
(when it wasn’t fashionable), coke‐bottle glasses, argyle sweater vests, and 104‐point GPA, she saw that cliques and power dynamics were unhealthy—and hilarious.

Fab tunes designed by Michael Berberich, choreography and pungent comedic writing by Teresa Fellion, performed by Corey Bliss, Daniel Chenoweth, Nicole Kadar, and Madeline Wilcox.

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