Yesterday I had the opportunity of having the kids all to myself. We decided to do a music video and we had an absolute blast. With no formal training in dancing or being in front of the camera, I was blown away at how their talents and each of their personalities came alive. John and Tara have done an amazing
job with these kids.

As we were filming this video, they made me really think about where we put our investments. Are we investing in commodities or are we investing in lives? Were does the greater return come from?

Maybe we could eat one less time a week, maybe you really don't need another outfit when you already
have a closet full of them. Yes, I said it and yes, I'm speaking to myself as well. I have found in these kids
that they will bring back a better return than any stock you will ever purchase. Where will you invest your treasures? In a field? Hide them under a rock? Lock them up in a cold concrete bank or invest them in a living and breathing person?

I think you know the answer, living and breathing lives are the better investment. Companies will come and go banks will close the doors in your face.

So, what are you banking on?

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