"She's Leaving Home"
as arranged by Super Madrigal Bros.

The original Beatles film for "A Day in the Life" was digitized and then converted to the resolution and color palette of a Nintendo Entertainment System, 256xx240 and 24 colors. This was scaled up to fit into a 1080p file. 1080p was chosen over a much smaller video resolution for conceptual as well as aesthetic reasons.

Recent music videos, notably Kanye West's "Welcome to Heartbreak", have made use of glitch aspects of the Youtube era of digital videos. By presenting this video in HD the artifacts of a lo-res and low-color experimental film have not be compromised by compression technology in the way that Youtube videos often are. In a way, "She's Leaving Home" is intended to be a throwback to creators of the Amiga and C64 demo scenes from the early 90s.

Super Madrigal Bros. are a concept group that recorded two albums ("Shakestation" and "Baroque In Voltage") of Elizabethan-era songs arranged with 8-bit and 16-bit samples and then heavily processed. The "She's Leaving Home" project came to be when SMB member Adam Bruneau (aka Oliver Cobol) discovered the original 4-track master of this song online and was able to isolate Lennon and McCartney's original vocals for use in his new arrangement. The new arrangement uses samples from "Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" for SNES and "Mega Man 2" for NES.

Super Madrigal Bros. are currently without a website, a label, and any kind of cash flow that would solve those problems. Adam plays multiple instruments in many other bands and John "Fashion Flesh" Talaga (not featured on this particular recording) also continues to make music on his own and creates exciting electronic noise makers. See fashionflesh.com/ for more info!

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