This new creation for BJM - Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal by Wen Wei Wang is about urban life, particularly about night life in the city. A piece that is reflecting the sounds, the rhythms, the beats and the flashing lights of our society within an ode to love, loss, sexuality and joy. Night Box is ethereal, as the city in winter, blue, fluid as its city traffic. An urban work revealing the cultural underground of Montreal, an effervescent metropolis plunged into the digital era.

“This work is about people and everyday life through body language, energy, relationships and emotions, reflecting the world in which we are living. Many thanks to the dancers for their collaborative spirit and their generous contribution to the concept.”
- Wen Wei Wang

Choreography: Wen Wei Wang
Music: Amute, Olaf Bender,
The Steals & Grafiti,
Giorgio Magnanensi,
Max Richter, Paul Rogers,
Victoria R. Senking
Light: James Proudfoot
Costumes: UNTTLD, Simon Bélanger
and José Manuel St-Jacques

Dancers : Antonios Bougiouris, Christina Bodie
Céline Cassone, Kevin Delaney, Alyssa Desmarais
Youri de Wilde, Alexandra Gherchman
James Gregg, Alexander Hille, Morgane Le Tiec
Andie Masazza and Brett Taylor

Projections :
Production: Catherine Faucher
Creation: Denis Dulude and Christian Lalumière
Collaboration : Christian Mouzard
Length: 40 minutes
North American Premiere: Erie, PA, USA, April 2012

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