Sidney Has No Horses is a Medicine Man, carpenter, hunter, artist . . . Chief. His ceremonies are authentic; his spiritual lineage is legendary including Frank Fools Crow, and Crazy Horse.

Filmmakers Salvatore Consalvi and Brigitte Timmerman have received unprecedented access to his life, spiritual beliefs, home, and community.

The life of a authentic Medicine Man includes frequent shifts of consciousness and access to a spirit world that is far more diverse than the modern mind is willing to accept. The crew has experienced many of these as Sidney attempts bring ancestral teachings back to a very divisive and fractured community.

Additional research in consciousness studies, psychology, and anthropology are creating an audio-visual tapestry of indigenous culture and religious identity, of modern science and the mystical experience.

The documentary reveals both private visions and a rich, holistic world-view that will seem strange, outdated or even insane to those of us most conditioned by modern, industrial culture. But with this documentary we see that Sidney willfully opens himself to ridicule and strife in an attempt to preserve his culture for future Lakota and to accurately reveal it to the modern world.

In this way the documentary explores the suffering and dark humor of modern humans living an indigenous religion in the corporate age.

Please join us on this rare journey through deprivation and suffering to the; spirituality and pride that connect one indigenous community to its ancestors and the Great Mystery.

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