HECK (summer 2012). It is a movie about “What the Heck Fest” 2011, which was the last year of the festival.

I shot footage, edited, and recorded sound. Genevieve Castree took some shots. Andrew Ritchey designed, mixed, and mastered the sound.

Much of what’s special about the film for me is the personal connection to the place and festival and people.

Technical info: Started with a Bolex toward the beginning of the festival. The camera was about fifty years old and broke. (the shot where it stopped working is in the film.) The shutter would no longer spin.

Genevieve lent me a small black camera that fits in the palm of your hand and is from China or Japan, and I shot the rest on that. Stuff shot on a Bolex has sharper colors, but the lens was weird. About half of the shots were out of focus. The small black video camera gives a grainy quality to images. I didn’t know that you could record sound with that camera. So all of the images were recorded silently. I recorded sound on a separate device.

I like the sound a lot. The textures come out. Listen with headphones or speakers loud if you can handle it.

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