This book is a collaborative work between photographer, Dominic Nahr, and illustrator/writer, Peter Wieben. The story is made and set during the political uprising in Cairo, Egypt, during the early part of 2011. The pages selected for this video are only a small sample of the whole and is designed to deliver an idea of the concept behind this collaboration. The novel is an account of this unprecedented event in the history of revolutions seen through the eyes of the key protagonist, Dominic Nahr. One part whimsical and one part grim fact, the words weave through the thoughts, ideas, fears, hopes and unique observations from a small pocket of witnesses living through this extraordinary time where technology meets overwhelming dissent. The photographs are a documentary account of the hard truths that emerged during the uprising, colored in violence and wreathed in the smokescreens of Mubarak's regime.

This book has only been produced as a dummy version thus far.

Photographs © 2012 Dominic Nahr \ Magnum Photos
Text and Illustration © Peter Wieben
Book produced by Ying Ang \ MJR @ Renegade Media Lab
Photographs edited by John Francis Peters
Book designed by Elana Schlenker
Copy edited by Thomas Cho
Video produced by Ling Ang @ Renegade Media Lab
Music by Shabazz Palaces

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