Hello everybody :-)

On the 21st of june, I went to the Parc La Fontaine in Montréal as they were celebrating the "journée de la lenteur", the "day of slowness" on this day where the sun takes its time and offers us our longest day.

So, I also took my time to marvel at nature and at the sun's beautiful light as it reflected in the park's lake.

"Light is the true nourishment for our inner life. Think of light every day; concentrate on it and imagine that it envelops you and penetrates you. Then, not only will you feel protected and sheltered from every harmful influence, but you will attract the beneficial powers of the cosmos. You will attract angels who will come to participate in your work and support you in your efforts. Imagine light bursting forth from you, spreading throughout space and penetrating the consciousness of all beings. No exercises are more effective or more powerful than those with the light. It is with light that you build your inner being." Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Good and beautiful light inspirations to all of you :-)


PS: The music is "The Return" by Cyril Morin.


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