Available July 3, 2012: 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER by Jessica Brody

Lexington Larrabee, a spoiled teen heiress, famous for her party-girl antics and tabloid headlines, is forced by her ever-absent mogul father to take on a different low-wage job every week for a year, if she wants any hope of receiving her trust fund.

Recently optioned for film!

"The #1 reason you'll love this book? It's tons of fun." - Meg Cabot

"Famous and spoiled teenage heiress Lexington Larrabee could give the Kardashians a run for their money in this opulent and fast-paced story...sharp writing and over-the-top scenes will appeal to readers looking for a fun summer read." - Publishers Weekly

"This unusual riches-to-rags tale is fun and interesting...the mysteries layered throughout, as well as the depth of the main characters, draw you in. Lexi is an obnoxious but lovable character you'll root for!" - Romantic Times

Starring Alanna Giuliani, Hunter Blake, Micky Shiloah, Tom Wade, and Wesley Rice

Featuring the song "Life in Reverse" by Time Will Tell (facebook.com/timewilltellrock)

Featuring the song "Get Down!" by Sh! It's a Secret (itunes.apple.com/us/album/get-down!/id480286384?i=480286510)

Published by Farrar Straus Giroux BYR
On Sale July 3, 2012

Read more about Jessica's books at: jessicabrody.com

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