edited by geoff phillip
filmed by geoff phillip, howie bennett, cody lampman, ian walker, greg schlosser, jeremy spira, greg freeman,will, deniiccce
"When I first watched the clips that Mykel Fatali has been stacking for the past two years, one main question came to my mind: Is the rollerblading world ready for this?
Mykel has been one of my best friends since we were both in middle school, rolling around skating curbs and filming with a handy cam. Over the years Myk began to progress at both filming and editing, and now is, in my opinion, one of the best filmers in rollerblading. He's so talented behind the lens that it can be easy to forget just how god damn amazing his blading is. The man is hands-down the fastest bowl skater on the planet and it's because of his addiction to hauling ass that he decided to begin riding flat over two years ago, but don't think for a second that he's lost any of his grinding skills.
Unlike most modern skaters, Mykel isn't a rollerblading businessman. He doesn't usually go out searching for clips, nor does he ever put a time limit on himself, hence the two-plus years it's taken for him to put this edit together. However, that being said, when Kel decides to get a clip, it's always that awesome trick that you wish you had thought of, or that you wish you could even do. The man has dedicated himself not just to blading, but to having a damn good time doing it. I give to you, the world's fastest bowl rider and coolest street blader, Mykel Fatali."

-Cody Lampman

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