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W Goaltending's Multi-Volume Instructional Series provides today's most modern goaltending techniques in a detailed, easy to understand format, with step by step instruction that covers every aspect of the position. With the use of: 3-D Graphics, Game Footage, Split Screen Examples, Correct & Incorrect Tags, and Multiple Camera Angles, this series makes it easy to grasp even the most complicated techniques.

Volume 1 covers:
The Basic Stance - Positioning - Red Line Angles - Squareness - Depth - Up Movement - The 4 Rules of Movement - Paths Across the Net - Getting Set - And More!

Volume 2 covers:
Recoveries - Butterfly Slides - Backside Pushes - Regains - Rotations - No Holes Concepts - Coverage Concepts - Off Ice Training - Speed & Flexibility - And More!

Volume 3 covers:
Puck Stopping - Stick Saves - Butterfly Saves - Blocking vs. Reacting - Mid Saves - High Saves - Center Shifting - Reading the Release - Patience & Cheating - Over Aggressiveness - And More!

Volume 4 (COMING Dec. 2012) covers:
Rebound Control - Retentions - Zone Breakdowns - Movement Zones - Net Coverage Zones - Dead & Bad Angle Shots - Dead & Bad Angle Passes - Dead & Bad Angle Walks - Puck Placement - And More!

Volume 5 (COMING 2013)

Instruction is provided by NCAA division 1 goalie coach, Corey Wogtech. Wogtech has shared the ice with over 27 NHL contracted goalies, as well as worked for a number of today's top NCAA coaches.

This DVD Series is for sale at

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