THESIS PROJECT | SYNchronous Objec(tives) | awarded 'Sci-Arc best graduate thesis prize 2011'

Jury: Greg Lynn, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Andrew Atwood, Herwig Baumgartner, Ming Fung, Joesph Grima, Sylvia Lavin, Elena Manferdini, Ben Nicholson, Brett Steele, Sarah Whiting
Architectural design has always been influenced by new modes of representation, and the inventions of new materials and tools. The architect as ‘maker’ does not take the limitations of their tools as a given constraint, but engages in the process of making new tools and machines for design.
This thesis “Synchronous (Object)ives” claims the next step in digital architecture; moving away from pure computational 3d modeling towards a model where the synchronization of movement and forces allows for designing in 4 dimensional real time. During this research the development of a custom control model dubbed Esperant.O is fundamental to the integration of the software and hardware, opening up new potentials of making through collaborative robotics.Over the past 100 years the architectural community have witnessed an acceleration in the over specialization within the practice of architecture. From engineering to labor and representation to materiality, all have had an effect on a generation of architects’ decisions that could not manage the complexities inherent in the execution of so-called digital architecture. With the development of a new control model, architecture can move into a new era of digital design that brings many of the topics previously left off of the table back on; now with the ability to redefine them entirely. The experimentation inherent in “Synchronous (Object)ives seeks not to reconcile the fissures between a digital and physical world, but instead continue to blur the boundaries between the two, creating a new space for design.
Project_ID: SYN | Synchronous (Object)ives, 2011, Los Angeles
Project_Credits: [Researchers] Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto, Curime Batliner [Advisors] Peter Testa and Devyn Weiser

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