Grandmaster Chris Chan studied wing chun in the early 1950’s under the late great Grandmaster Yip Man in Hong Kong. Grandmaster Chan was also good friends with Bruce Lee when both were training with Great Grandmaster Yip Man.

Grandmaster Chan has been teaching Wing Chun kung fu in the San Francisco, CA since 1960 and has thousands of students all over the world.

The Wing Chun system was developed about 300 years ago by a Shaolin nun named Ng Mui, who eventually passed her martial arts knowledge to a young girl named…Wing Chun. Yes, this amazingly lethal and practical self-defense system, known for its devastatingly powerful close combat strategy, was named after that very remarkable young Chinese girl, because she was responsible for propagating this great legacy.

Wing Chun kung fu is a national treasure of the Chinese martial arts fighting system because it takes a sophisticated and scientific approach to combat and self defense. China has especially selected Wing Chun Kung Fu training for their armies and all law enforcement professionals. Over the past 50 years it has gained a major popularity in the United States and throughout the world with the distribution of the Ip Man movies made in Hong Kong.

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