Images and editing by Guillaume Eymenier
Music by Cats Hats Gowns, available on Coriolis Sounds (cs-01)

10 000 is a collection of instrumental bedroom recordings by two French improvisors: Yvan Duhamel and Guillaume Eymenier, aka Cats Hats Gowns. Exclusively based on electric guitars, the seven (aptly titled) dialogues sound like a memory-based exploration of mental miniatures, recalling wash tint landscapes and pointillist abstractions in slow motion. The palette of sounds used by the two musicians can successively (or simultaneously) evoke Mick Turner's eerie rollercoasters and Loren Connors' poignant driftings, if not early Labradford's lunar soundscapes. Highly recommended! - Maxime Guitton (aka ali_fib).

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