Lift explores the paradox that exists between our human desire for community and our inherent timidity during impromptu social gatherings. Using the raw unsteadiness of video phones, I wanted to capture the bustling atmosphere of a crowded elevator and the intimate proximity to perfect strangers that this situation provides. The film should be viewed not only as a meditation on riding the elevator, but a literal opportunity for observational and audial participation.

With Lift, I wanted to reveal the uniquely irrational rules and norms associated with being on an elevator, the rich diversity of community inside such a small metal box, and the potentially revolutionary nature of such an experience. On the whole, I think Lift makes the argument that the very act of traveling between floors may be understood as a microcosm of society; an existential journey into the collective hope, struggle, and resiliency of humankind. - GEOFF COOPER

Regardless of perception, throughout history the elevator has played a pivotal role in the transportation of people. The thought process behind making this "film" was that it was not a film at all, but a social experiment. With Lift, I wanted to capture and examine the various forms of interaction, self-exploration, and boundaries created within this experience.

While voyeuristic in execution, the objective wasn't to to invoke a particular emotion about the subject matter, but spawn discussion about a facet of life that is familiar to many but thought about by few. Footage was shot during a span of 4 1/2 weeks on various commutes to and from, and kept in its rawest form. We wanted the subjects and scenes presented to remain true to the element at hand. - JUSTIN DANE ROBERTS

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