A highschool video project I did as part of our Photo + Media Arts 12 Assignment at JN Burnett Secondary.
The goal of the project was to encourage our school community to Try taking ART.

This video features a fusion of artwork, alongside those coming from the student body and the art department at Burnett.
Edited in FinalCut & Screened at the school's Annual Fine Arts Night Event in 2010.

The Music is:
Disco Strobe by Cristian Marchi, featuring Dot Comma
Get it on iTunes here bit.ly/NXWj56
Now You're Gone by Juan Kidd & Felix Baumgartner featuring Lisa Millett
Also available on iTunes bit.ly/M2Cef0

My appreciation also goes out to Mr. and Ms Carvalheiro-Nunes, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Moss, and Mr. Cade Martin :)

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