Music video for The Good Hurt's "Only In Your Mind"... one take, seven cameras, and just a bit of magic.

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"Only In Your Mind" by The Good Hurt
Directed by Max Lanman
Produced by Max Lanman and Christopher Ripley
Cinematography by Christopher Ripley
Cameras Operated By: Arnold Chon, Brian Hutson, Andrew Mitrak, Alex Noelke, and Christopher Ripley
Lead Pyrotechnic: Tommy Yacoe
Assistant Pyrotechnic: Michael Brockman
Throwers: Adrian Aoun, Michael Bowersox, Zachary Harju, Fritz Lanman, Terry Manson II, Dustin McCreary, Evin Mitchell, Laetitia Summers, Jin Wang, and Nuo Yan
Edited by Max Lanman and Christopher Ripley
Color by Christopher Ripley
Special Thanks to Adrian Aoun, Zachary Harju, and Fritz Lanman

Performance by The Good Hurt
James Lanman — Lead Vocals + Rhythm Guitar
Aaron Ameen — Drums + Percussion + Backup Vocals
Jesse Summers — Bass Guitar
Max Brockman — Lead Guitar + Backup Vocals

Music by The Good Hurt (
Concept by Duicide
Presented by Leão (

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