A short example of how different focal lengths looks like. The goal was to get a visual idea about the unique look of each focal length. To learn how they feel, what they show us and what they hide from us.

A few facts and opinions :

- Alexa and UltraPrimes
- T5.6 all lenses at all times
- Everything is Handheld
- Available light
- Apple Color for color correction (not all scenes uses the same grade)
- No focus puller, the focus ring was fixed at two meters. On the wider range it seems to work but on the 24, 28 and 32mm it shows.
- On the wider lenses it´s much easier to achieve a steady shot. That´s no secret but it´s easy to forget.
- The 8 and 10mm lenses are such great lenses. I amazed how little they get used.
- Latitude is just amazing. Did a couple of keyframes in Color for the 8mm sequence (when going from the inside to the outside of the house) and adjusted the gain and lift and magic happened. Both ext. and int. ended up looking perfect and the transition looks smooth. Try the same effect but with a Color adjust but the shift from red to green....it just shows too much.

Equipment provided by Pixine, 8mm lens courtesy of Juan Osvaldo Claramunt.
Cristóbal Mardones and Rogelio Ramirez were of great help.

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