China Shipping - Video - Lengh 4min41

"Chinese immigrants get into an illegal boat travel to hope for a brighter future."

Directed by Sofiane Benabdallah

Director of photography : Dominique Lê

Shot For "Journey Awards 2012" By Louis Vuitton.

Starring : Jean Siuen, Kris Park, Abdul Zainidi, Eve Hea, Julien Hagnery, Xuan Ngoc N'guyen, Jane Kong Thevenet, Kasuya Sakai & Anan Somninhom.

Music by Jawal Al Mouktafi

Produced & Edited by Sofiane Benabdallah & Dominique Lê.

Special thanks to Pascal Herba, Jean-Marie Gambie and Kristel Lê.

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