There are usually 4 types of buyers, they are:

Basics (5 -15 users): Want basic communications, easy to use, low purchase price and low monthly operating costs.

Small Medium Business (15 -- 50 users): Well established in business, Larger call volumes, more sophisticated needs, Solution focused, Looking for efficiency and productivity improvements, enjoy and want to take advantage of new technology

Small Enterprises (50 -- 250 Users): Want advanced and customised business communication features to suit their complex requirements

Enterprise (250 Plus users): Demand tight integration telephony control, strict service level assurances, Mobility, Remote Worker Access and intricate call routing options.

This report is intended to help you identify your most important needs, so you can filter out the techno babble when evaluating which system will best suit your business needs. Your business is unique and has a strong point of difference so you can separate yourself from the challengers. Not dissimilar, phone systems aren't one and the same either, each has individual unique advantages.

The world is changing very fast and jumping aboard the technology wagon is getting easier every day, just as it is to remain in the status quo. In fact many business owners agreed their technology purchases did not benefit their business in the way it was expected or imagined. The keynote element in this report is to educate you on the fundamentals so you to gain a simple yet strong understanding of the potential pitfalls. Someone else's experience is the best teacher, read about other business owners who have gone before you.

For a full copy of this valuable report go to or call Greg Eicke 1300 851 411

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