Using the Echophon's two feedback loops to synthesize solo and ensemble string sounds. A small bit of reverb was added after the fact.

Signal path: Cyclebox (vocal formant bank) --> Dr. Octature 12dB LPF--> QMMG (LPG) --> Echophon (50/50 wet/dry mix)

The LPG is being opened by a Maths envelope (ch.4). The same envelope is controlling the Echophon's feedback amount. Throughout the patch, I am adjusting the amount and polarity of the feedback CV.

The Echophon's pitch shifter is being controlled through Row 2 of a Pressure Points/Brains combo (clocked by Math's EOC output). The Echophon is set to shift at 1v/oct. The Cyclebox's pitch is not changing.

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