We're making a documentary on Vietnam's most famous artist and his old friends who saved his work.

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In April 1975, Vietnam's greatest artist, Le Thanh Nhon, gathered his family and escaped the war, on a leaky boat to Australia.

Three months before his death in 2002, he wrote to his old artist friends sharing his wish that the statues he had sculpted during his life in Vietnam be displayed for the enjoyment of all by the "Mist of the Perfume River", in the city of Hue, a place he loved, a place that loved him.

Every evening, at sunset, he and his artist friends had walked down to the Perfume River where they drank, talked about art, poetry and music and celebrated life.

Le Thanh Nhon's vision was for his legacy of art to be available to the people of his country and its visitors.

This monumental and historical task has been thirty eight years in the making.

Le Thanh Nhon's son Hung Le returns to Vietnam on the tenth anniversary of his father’s passing to view the statues and sit with his father’s old artists friends to talk, and find out how they accomplished this feat and to see the legacy his father has left behind in Vietnam and witness how his father and his art have been embraced by the ancient city of Hue, now a world heritage site.


Stand-up Comedian and author Hung Le, has an amazing story to tell about his father who is the most famous artist of Vietnam.

His sculptures left behind in Vietnam have been recovered and are being displayed in public.

War refugee, Hung Le returns as prodigal son to Vietnam for the festival surrounding the 10th anniversary of his father's death to join his father's old friends to talk about the legacy of an artist lost.

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