To succeed in todays increasingly competitive global marketplace of engineering design services, or embedded software, or software projects, there is a critical need for faster turn around times. With impeccable project planning, coupled with efficient workforce usage. With tight quality control and compliance leading to zero defects and prompt deliveries. And all this has to be done with competent risk management and cost control.

Keeping abreast on all these frontiers takes more than periodical audits and meetings. It is imperative that work flow status of all on-shore and off-shore projects be made available centrally along with relevant data and documents. Up-to-the-minute and live at the click of a mouse.

This empowers informed decision making. Helps prompt correction of off track delays. Brings about optimal use of personnel time and skill. Implements transparency and accountability throughout the enterprise. Shortens delivery times and quantum leaps profitability.

All this and more is achievable by TouchBase. A pioneering enterprise software solution by ProductDossier. Helping you monitor the pulse of your enterprise.

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