Be-There is our new mobile qualitative approach, which allows us to get closer to consumer behaviours than ever before.

Capture rich moment-of-truth experiences directly as they happen.
Engaging audio-visual outputs to drive stakeholder engagement.
Un-intrusive approach allows cost-effective observation of natural behaviour.
There are two key applications for Be-There™ depending on your research needs and the level of consumer involvement required.

Can be deployed as a standalone methodology with up to 30 participants for a two week period.

Participants download the app to their mobile phone and complete a series of tasks in-the-moment, recording their actions, thoughts and motivations.

Multimedia content is created using: video, photo, text, audio-notes and bar-code scans, all of which are mapped by GPS to the exact location they were recorded.

Purpose-built online platform gives immediate access to content, allows behaviour to be probed ‘live’, and includes sophisticated analysis tools that enable us to generate powerful insights quickly from large volumes of qualitative data.

Traditional methodologies can be deployed to follow-up or supplement the findings at any point.

In summary:

Powerful standalone methodology that removes any researcher bias.
Cost-effective alternative to ethnography or F2F interviews with access to ‘out-of-hours’ and infrequent behaviours over longitudinal time periods.
Powerful purpose-built mobile ethnography app and online platform enables us to build and share stories as they are told.
Be-There Lite:
Augmenting traditional qualitative techniques with digital pre / post tasks with between 10-20 participants for one week.

Each participant completes a series of tasks, prior to or after taking part in traditional F2F qualitative research.

Participants record and share a combination of photos and videos to illustrate their thoughts and behaviours using their smartphones in-situ while conducting each task.

Entries are uploaded directly to our highly-customised online community where they are immediately viewable and our experienced moderators can probe behaviour.

Participants visit the community to expand upon their mobile entries via detailed blogs and contribute to dynamic forum discussion

In summary:

Powerful supplement to traditional qualitative techniques.
Engaging platform that permits participant interaction via an online community.
Enhanced speed and quality of outputs compared to traditional pre / post-tasks.
Familiar, intuitive process and engaging for all, with only basic technical ability required.
For further information please contact: Will Ullstein, Group Business Development Director:


T: +44 (0)20 7843 9777

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