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It is easy to fall in love, but life after the declaration is the hardest part. Once you know that he is interested in you, and seems to indicate that he loves you, the next step is to continue to maintain the flame and "keep the love burning." In order to do that, you need rules. Rules place boundaries and help maintain freedom. In the same way that piano practice twelve hours a week allows a child to find the time when his or her schedule permits, the relationship rules that will make someone love you allow you more freedom in your relationship than you ever knew.

One of the relationship rules that will make someone love you is communication. You need to agree to keep talking to one another, even through the crazy days when you want to run away and hide from the rest of the world. When you are frustrated and need to vent, talk to your man. Let him know that you just need a listening ear and a crying shoulder for the hardest days. He will understand your need to vent because it is likely that he will need to vent to you as well. When the two of you have a disagreement or say harsh words, come together to reconcile things and end them on a good note. How you handle the stress and disagreements will help him see you as a valuable partner in marriage. No person in love wants to fight, argue, and slam doors all the time with the one they love.

Another of the relationship rules that will make someone love you is trust. Trust is the foundation by which a relationship is built and grows over time. If you are suspicious of his love for you and his fidelity to you, then either you are overly suspicious (which you may or may not need to be), or he has his eye on other goals in life and you are not one of them. One way to sort through these two options is to see if he is comfortable being with you alone. If he is more comfortable being with you at the movies or a company banquet than he is with you alone, he is not interested in anything more than a casual dating relationship. Do not continue to dream of marriage with him.

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