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My dears!!!.... In honor of our darling mother, NETTIE…. My sister ROBYN and I sat down together to celebrate the encouraging creative spirit that she fostered in us while we were growing-up.

Now, the ironic piece to all of this is mom doesn’t consider herself CREATIVE!! Non, non, non!!! (We just don’t agree with her)…. Quite the opposite… if you are one who encourages creativity…. One who learns the fine art of pulling it out of people… well then, you are by the very nature of it… CREATIVE! Don’t you all agree!?

Join us as we celebrate mothers, sisters, family, and the nurturing that creatively feeds all of us…. Helps us become more ourselves…. Helps to push us to places we couldn’t imagine on our own.

Cheers to Moms…. Cheers to encouraging the creative spirit!!!

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