Gobbles Security Speech at Defcon X (2002)

Sorry about the Sound glitches, this is the best copy i have :|

GOBBLES Security members will be giving a presentation called "Wolves Among Us", which will discuss the evil motivations of certain members and organizations of the security industry, the big companies that are underqualified for security and yet reap such incredible revenue for their services, the way the media is uninformed and further intentionally writes incorrect information concerning hackers, and more. Concrete examples will be cited, and then discussion on the greater ramifications of those examples will be held.

GOBBLES Security -- currently the largest active nonprofit security group in existance (that favors full disclosure). GOBBLES Security consists of 17+ members, ranging from the age of 15 to 28. Unlike some groups that make this claim, GOBBLES actually publishes advisories for the sake of security, and not as an opportunity to get some political vendeta aired -- and also publish advisories at a rate greater than one every three years.

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