This piece is about infinity, and the question; if your life were to run on repeat for eternity, would this be pleasurable or a chore? The shapes all represent an infinate regress and, strangely, form patterns similar to those we see in nature. Interestingly there are parts of the video I am extremely happy with, and other parts that I am not so happy with, but this was due to the rules I set myself in the construction process, and they mirror life decisions in an interesting way.


This is a remake of my Golden Ratio piece that you can also find here on Vimeo. I was asked by Clear Magazine ( clearmag.com ) whether they could feature the original Golden Ratio piece. But as I was always unhappy with the original, I told them I would remake it.

The original piece has only two golden ratio pentagram faces, and it was always my intention to build a do-decahedron object out of those faces, but due to time constraints and computer power at the time, I was only able to have two, and improvise in the space between. This time I worked hard and used different software to build the object outlined in my original brief, and I think it makes a big change.

The music is completely different, and this time i wrote a piece myself specifically for the video. I am extremely happy with the music, and it has inspired me to attempt to write more in the future, perhaps ill even create videos for those tracks.


I have finally to say a big thankyou to my friend James who was a big help in tutoring me on the processes i would need to learn to make this happen in the new software i was using.

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