PRIVATE SKY is about a young guy who suffers a catastrophic accident that sends him into medical bankruptcy and the rebound relationship he falls into when life doesn’t end up the way he thought it would. Based on true events, it’s every young artist’s story trying to survive New York City around the attacks of 9-11.

Theodore Rew get’s his heart broken and in the process, also his hands. Sans medical insurance, he’s left trying to put his life together again and ultimately falls into a relationship with an older woman, Sarah. When he discovers he’s taken Sarah’s virginity he feels trapped in something that should have stayed a friendship, all the while trying to make sense of his psychedelic musical dreams. Plagued by their visions and higher meaning, Theo’s left to figure out why he is where he is and where he’s ultimately supposed to be going.

Private Sky’s musical sequences move from Theo’s dreams to his real life as Sarah challenges him to confront his deepest loss, the death of his mother and his departure from singing. When their work relationship turns romantic, Theo gives up on New York to find his way in Los Angeles and ultimately breaks Sarah’s heart. Theo declares bankruptcy, finds a job and starts his life over, with someone else. When he returns to New York to sing at his brother’s wedding he hopes to reconnect with Sarah but discovers that she’s actually the one who’s changed the most.

The story’s comic relief lives in the cast of characters in which Theo is surrounded. They include a flamboyantly gay roommate, Cain, a crazy boss, Lenny, and a quirky assistant Rasco. A straight man’s musical in concept, Private Sky’s sex appeal resides in its hot female cast. Lead by the character of Red, who haunts Theo’s fantasies after she breaks his heart, and two hot Swedes that unexpectedly sleep with Cain, this story makes no qualms about being R-rated.

The development road for a musical is long and includes usually a few readings, a few backer’s auditions, and a workshop, before a potential stage production. Private Sky is currently conceived as a feature film, and a stage adaptation with multi-media production elements. The story’s marketability resides among other things in its true relevance to the national debate over health care and medical insurance, and the metro-sexual straight/gay friendship between Theo and Cain and its HIV related outcome. As a film, it’s an auteur sell in the independent film market, or a two star model in a mini-major production/distribution deal. As a stage production, it is a RENT in style and production.

Financially, successful musicals’ ancillary incomes make up the initial investment many times over and can have substantially higher ROI than all other media investments. A business plan is available upon request.

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