"I Left My Mullet In El Segundo"
Lyrics by Slaqr, Music by Tribe Called Quest

(Guitar Intro)
John: Toca su guitarra

(Background Walla)
John: What happened to the mullet man?
Mike: Where's it at? Where's your locks at?
Pete: I need my mullet! x2
Mo: Do you hairspray that mullet?
Mara: Not a missing mullet...
Mike: This is the second time this week.

Pete: I left my mullet in El Segundo x3
(record scratch)
Re-Pete: Yo, it was a blonde mullet. It had props feathers. Had my jimmy hats. I gotta get it man!
(record scratch)

Pete: Yeah...I left my mullet in El Segundo x3...c'mon, let's go.

Re-Pete: You like my hair?
Pete: C'mon, let's go.
Re-Pete: You wanna touch my mullet?
Pete: C'mon, let's go.
Re-Pete: It feathers all the way out.

Pete: I need you to go, I need Li'l Miss to go. Where's Li'l Miss? Li'l Miss, get ova here.
Li'l Miss: bark, bark

Pete: The curtain matches the carpet, matches the drapes.
Mo: Toast it.
(glass clinks)
Laugh it out.

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