One year on.

In June 2011 C!ties played their final show. Around that time we assembled a group of friends with cameras and audio equipment to have a go at recording some memories before they became lost forever.

This recording is from our final Limerick show, upstairs in Dolan's, Limerick, 26/05/12. The electronic half was created very early in our existence as a live-only set intro, but it never graduated to being officially named anything other than Intro Song. It was completely and utterly ripped apart and put back together to become 15728 from our EP, but while that never made a live outing, the original Intro Song continued to stick in the live set, almost always somewhere in the middle of the set and never as an actual intro. It also always led into the second part - Dive Dive Dive! - which consists of two notes and headbanging to balance things out.

Editing: Evan Murphy
Colour Grading: Sean Hurson

Live Audio: Dave O'Brien
Audio Recording and Post-production: John Slattery

Camera: Evan Murphy
Camera: Brendan Murray
Camera: Michael Casey

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