So finally me and Chaydon managed to find some time and a small gap of dry weather to put abit of filming to gether of his restored Toyota Corolla N2 AE86. Now when you think of Toyota Corollas most of the time you think of the little gran and grandad version that goes about, however this is not the case these are raw beasts old in style and refinement giving you a very driver feel about the car the handling on this is like a gokart it sticks like glue to the ground when cornering and the rasp of the 1.6 naturally asperated 4AG engine is something to be desired that I myself have never hurd before going out in one of these Ive owned Subarus, Seat, Golfs but none of these compair to the sound of this AE86 with its 4 branch equal length manifold and headers helping with the very 1980's rally sound it produces.

This car is a real head turner with many people often wondering what it actually is, some people I was told often mistake it for the DMC DeLeorean as used in the film Back to the Future however this car does not have doors that open upwards it does not have a fluc capacitor and it can do more than 88mph without much struggle.

Now Chaydons version of this Toyota Corolla is even more rare in the sense its a N2 meaning it has the super wide and bulky body kit making it look like its had steroids injected in to the panels of the car and you wouldnt want to see this down a dark allyway in fear of it mugging you of your possesions on route do do some late night street racing and lane blasting.

The one thing I did notice about this car is when youre sat hugged in the deep fixed bucket seats strapped in with your 4 point harness the floor stripped of carpets and a nice and sturdy roll cage welded in for if things do go wrong a smile starts to come to your face and thats before the engine has even been started. Once the steering wheel has been fitted and that key has been turned and the raspy 4AG engine has fired in to life and its grins from ear to ear every bit of acceleration making that smile on your face just that little bit bigger. This isnt just a car this is a real car a car you can have fun in take to track days or just blasting down country roads and it probley cost lest than your daily drive, who needs high powered refined cars like Porsche, Ferrari and Bmw when you can have just as much fun in this car with 1/3 of the power and rear wheel drive action drift action....

Filmed and Edited and Words by Dean Teifel

Filmed on a Canon 600D Hdslr
Carl Zeiss 50mm 1.8, Tamron 28mm 2.5, Chionon 135 135mm 2.5

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