Harsono + Martha Wedding Full Highlights

What a fun-filled wedding !!! That is my first thought after the wedding. There are funny speeches, fun people, performances by the bride, crazy dance moves from the groom, even funny parents !!

We have known Harsono and Martha through church, and my impression of them is like, Mr. Organised and Ms. Organiser. One is very organised, the other is always organising events hahaha
I thought their wedding is going to be neat and polite, who would expect it to be filled with funny moments !!!

The things that really impresses me also is how composed are they throughout the day. The late ceremony, the last minute change of bouquet, the running sound do not seem to affect their mood at all. They are laughing most of the time. There are so many funny moments, even during the ceremony !! What a couple ;)

The people in the wedding are also very camera friendly .... or rather very eager to get into the video. They all have their cool moves that makes it so hard to cut them out of the highlights !!!! hahahaha

What a cool couple :D

Cinematographer: Eye Heart Media feat. Kalvin Ananda
Location: Lakeside

Interesting Technical Trivial:
The footage is captured with Canon + Nikon .... What a great harmony .... or not ...... hahahaha

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