YES - Youth Emergency Services
2679 Farnam Street, Suite 205
Omaha, NE 68131
Phone: 402.345.5187


Our Mission:
To serve homeless and at-risk youth by providing critically-needed resources which empower them to become self-sufficient.
Basically, we help youth in crisis get back on their feet in whatever ways we can. After meeting their immediate needs for food, shelter, clothing, etc., we create a support system for our youth which will help them flourish.

Our Vision:
We envision a community which understands and embraces its youth, creating an environment where youth homelessness no longer exists.

How We Operate:
We are committed - to our youth, to our cause, and to our supporters.
We are passionate - we strive to assist our youth in any way we can, because we feel compelled to do it.
We are a team - ending youth homelessness must be a joint effort. Our staff, partners and volunteers are in this together.

What We Care About:
Human worth - every person deserves respect, empathy and grace. Every person deserves an opportunity to succeed.
Trust - we cannot successfully serve our youth without building trust and without trusting in each other.
Diversity - no two youth are the same. We approach each youth and his or her situation with an individualized response, respecting each youth's needs, goals, thoughts and feelings.
Growth - we set goals. We help our youth set goals. And we work diligently to achieve success.

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