This vid features a walkthrough for a cartoony rig of a Policeman character built in Maya.

Rig Features:

Full Body IK/FK Rig > All appendages, fingers, and spine are available in IK or FK modes. Provides maximum flexibility for animators.

Stretchy IK/Bendy Limbs > All of the character's appendages are stretchy, as are the spine and head. Maintaining volume of the mesh while stretching can be turned on or off, as can the 'stretch' feature of individual limbs if the animator so desires. The limbs have extra bendy controls to allow the character to contort in a cartoony manner. Hinge joints' (elbow/knee) position can be tweaked/cheated by a 'reposition' control.

IK/FK Matching > Available on all switchable controls. Accessed through RMB selection menu.

Follow Matching > Available on all IK controls, as well as the eye and neck controls. Also, accessed through RMB selection menu.

RMB Functionality > Done by hacking the DAG menu; quick access for animators: 'Select All', 'Default' individual control, 'Default All', toggling IK/FK modes, access stored poses (ie. fingers - 'fist' preset), toggle secondary control visibility.

Hybrid Facial Rig > Joint-based facial system. Both the macro and micro controls drive joint groups. Blendshapes are utilised for corrective shapes and mesh input/output connections.
Facial Rig Controls > I) Macro Controls - UI that provides broad posing with attribute limits. II) Micro Controls - control curves attached to facial mesh surface provide the ability to refine the pose. There are no attribute limits.

Prop Dynamics > Dynamics are created through the use of hair follicles. Props on the Policeman's belt each have indivdual dynamic controls, dynamic stiffness can be adjusted indivually. The dynamic simulation layers on top of any animtion that has been keyed by the animator.

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