Kristan Saloky
Cannons (How Do You Like These Guns?), 2012
Video 00:10:08
1 minute 47 second excerpt

The female figure labors against the weight of the cameras in her outstretched arms. The cameras, whose footage flanks either side of the central image, point inward toward her breasts. Thus, while the figure struggles to maintain the form of perfection, Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, she is simultaneously struggling to uphold the sexualized image of her own making. As the time moves forward, the act becomes increasingly more difficult. The grunts and moans burst forth from her lips due to the sheer physical exhaustion. The images of the breasts shake as the muscles in the body quake in order to maintain the pose. The sounds and expressions from her body are culturally sexual, but not intentionally. Finally, the subject cries out, dropping the cameras to her feet, breathing heavily with relief. The viewer can see, and haptically feel, the physical exhaustion.

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