The official Kickstarter pitch video for Tartarus, an epic science fiction short film.


Once upon a time science fiction was so powerful, so innately human, that it inspired audiences of all ages. Filmmakers such as Spielberg, Cameron, and Kubrick inspired us to gaze into the future, and challenged us to look into ourselves. Now, hopelessly dominated by stereotypes and cliches, this underrepresented genre is in dire need of a new life; a new energy.

Tartarus is an emotionally powerful, yet epic, science fiction short film, more than two years in the making, that explores the most primitive of all human instincts: the will to survive.


More than 30 years ago increased solar activity destabilized the world's geomagnetic field, causing temperatures to rise and oceans to evaporate. Nations scrambled to build massive underground storage tanks, but too few were finished in time. Water is sold by the barrel and international tensions mount.

The largest of the water tanks ruptures; prices skyrocket, setting off record inflation and mass public protests. A mysterious sickness spreads globally, claiming the lives of millions. They call it the RUST, and there is no cure.

Fearing infection, Western nations stage coordinated nuclear strikes against the most infected countries. Months later, the first cases of RUST are recorded in the West. Alliances fracture under pressure to quarantine outbreaks.

War. Howling Sandstorms. RUST. Extinction is all but certain.


Contributors can pledge any amount they choose, then select a reward from the list. Once the campaign ends, if the total pledges for TARTARUS meets or exceeds the $20,000 goal, pledges will be charged and we will receive the funds we need to make our film. If this goal is not met, then no money is withdrawn and no rewards are provided. Any additional funds beyond the $20,000 goal will be used directly to make our film the best it can be.

Can I increase my pledge or choose a different reward? YES YOU CAN! Once you make a contribution you may sign into your Kickstarter account and either increase your pledge or choose a different reward.

How can I find out more about production? We love our fans! You can follow our production blog at or follow us on Twitter @TartarusMovie.

Music used under creative commons license:

"Welcome to Lunar Industries" - Clint Mansell
"The Mighty Rio Grande" - This Will Destroy You
"Cold Summer Landscape" - Blear Moon

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