The workflow toolbox is a After Effects script used to help automate many common footage processes.

- Footage Swapping -
Allows for swapping of footage to higher resolution versions. All compositions using this footage will be processed also along with translation of positional keyframe data.

- Batch Proxing -
Proxy multiple files quickly

- Final Cut Import -
Automatically Proxy and/or Swap file during xml import of Final Cut. Due to the recent addition of Pro Import to After Effects and the free Automatic Duck Import tool this feature will likely be phased out. Currently it will import Final Cut XML projects and process the files.

- Timelapse -
The Timelapse features allow for the batch import of a folder containing timelapse sequences. Adding features like Pre-Compositing, frame rate, auto proxy, and Missing Frame Detection. This mode also has settings for Multi-Exposures allowing the layering of images for HDR compositing.

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