"Integration is a two-way street act. Be a part of it.'

This action is a visual translation of the concept of integration. The constant moving of refugees or migrants to a new home. And the key in this performance, the most sensible symbol of migration, is a mattress.

On Sunday May 27th, 30 people of different nationalities walked down the stairs of the 'Mont des Arts' in Brussels while carrying a matress on their back.

There’s a poetic reference to the nomadic existence of migrants. On the other hand, carrying a culture can be considered as a positive thing. So sharing the mattress is an act of both sides: the one that comes from abroad and the one already living somewhere. It's a two-way street of mutual respect and curiosity.
I'm not making a political point with this, I'm not saving the 'world'. But what I want to do is making people aware of this evolution in society and emphasize that this evolution is not a failure but an enrichment.

Media: performance, film
Music: Fade by Heinali

(I hope the message I tried to send is on its journey to better solutions and better opportunities, so SHARE AWAY!)

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