This is a short I made with my cousins recently. I came up with most of the story, but the girls came up with most of their own dialog. It took us about an hour to film, but that was including lunch.

It was shot with a GF1, I think I was using the LPowell Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch. I used the Panasonic 20mm pancake lens. The audio was recorded on the GF1, sorry :) I edited using Premiere Pro 5.5, After Effects and Audition. The intro crumble effect is from a tutorial on Video Copilot. I also used their soundtrack product for the music and sound effects.

The final song is Ennio Morricone's The Ecstasy of Gold. I believe I can use this song since this video is for fun and educational purposes. With this in mind, the above mentioned products are not endorsements. They are just to let you know, what I used to make this short. Also, the reason I seem conceited, in the credits, is because I didn't want to cut the song short.

My cousins asked me to put this on YouTube so they could share it easily, but in my opinion the Vimeo community is kinder.

Thanks for watching!

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