This first ever event was held on Long Beach WA on July 7-8, 2012... 17 students worked with 4 instructors from iQuad, learning a choreographed 6-person routine made specially for this event and set to "We Are the Champions" by Queen.


- John Barresi
- Bazzer Poulter
- Spence Watson
- TK Barresi

All students had at least brief "pick up" team experience at various events and were filtered in based on their own self-evaluation of specific skills that would be necessary for team flying.

The complete written (drawn) ballet routine was provided to pilots 3 days prior to the event, a full animation (done by Spence Watson) was sent out to students 1 day before... All teams absorbed the information and training very well, all completing their routines with surprising success by Sunday afternoon.

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