Cinematography/Editing/Coloring - Eric Shell (
Music - Sleepless ft. Antony For Cleopatera - Flume (

One of the biggest, if not the biggest car show on the west coast. Located in Las Vegas Nevada in the early summer at the Palace Station. It was quite a unique event, especially the fact that almost everyone attending stayed in the same hotel/casino! You could literally walk out of your room and be at the show, which made it easy for me with no car and not really knowing where anything was. Quite a good size, but definitely a completely different scene from the east coast. Aircooled cars are all immaculate, not as many mk4s, TONS of really well built mk2s and it was just nice to finally see a lot of the cars I've seen online in person. I don't think I will be able to afford to go again next year, but I definitely enjoyed it all besides the price of alcohol and taxi rides haha!

ERROR IN SHOTS: A few weird blips in there due to a weird relationship between twixtor slow motion where I extended the cuts in another sequence to make up for clip length where when finalized was not holding the color grading from apple color.

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