Naturskyddsföreningen (The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, SSNC) wanted to make a film with their symbol animal - the graceful Peregrine Falcon. The result is yet another example of Fido’s skills when it comes to create photorealistic animals.

Don't miss the technical breakdown -

Client: Naturskyddsföreningen
Agency: Sverige
Production Company: Visual Art
Director: Marcus Lundin
Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Director of Photography: John Strandh

Creature VFX: Fido

Creative Director: Kaj Steveman
VFX Producer: Claes Dietmann
VFX Supervisor: Cameron Scott
CG Supervisor: Anders Nyman
Modeling: Björn Arvidsson
Rigging: Cameron Scott, Anders Nyman
Lookdev: Anders Nyman, Marcus Forsberg, Joakim Eriksson
Tracking: Anders Nyman, Joakim Eriksson
Animation: Cameron Scott, Staffan Linder
Lighting: Anders Nyman, Björn Liljequist
Compositing: Pontus Albrecht, Martin Borell, Daniel Norlund
VFX editor: Linda Öhlund

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