Release date: Februari 2012

Filmed, Editted and Directed by Edwin Robert.

I made this video in collabiration with my fellow students "Jelmar Bosscher" and "Daan Tuinsta". See their websites for more info.

Jelmar Bosscher:

Daan Tuinsta.

We are students at Mediacollege in Amterdam, we made this in our third year (2011 - 2012). All the students got the assignment to make a fictional company with around 5 or 6 other students. We had two weeks to arrange everything. (concept, name, logo etc.)
Our company was called Pixxl, and consisted of 6 students.

After those two weeks numerous clients came to our school, and it was ofcourse each company's job to grab as many jobs as possible. In the end we got around 12 jobs. Wich meant that every student in our company had to do atleast two of those jobs.
Me being the film geek ofcourse wanted to do the job for Snowcompany. The only downside was that our school didn't allow us to have a budget, wich meant that we didn't have the luxury of renting camera equipment. Therefore we used whatever equipment we had. (back then i only had a GoPro as my main camera and some stuff to put it on.)

It was an awesome experience to make this and i want to thank everyone involved for giving me/us the opportunity. I hope i may be of service to Snowcompany again some day!

Techinical Details Below:
GoPro HD Hero.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Sony Vegas Pro 9 (for final rendering.)

Other Details:
Client: Dennis Kats, Snowcompany (

School: Mediacollege, Amsterdam - Netherlands.

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