Doing the dishes late one Friday night
I was getting ready to listen to Electric Crush on 4zzz
The next thing i know this exact track is unexpectedly coming out my bedroom speakers kicking off the show.
Well? I screamed!!! pretty loud eh it was awesome!!!
It’s moments like that, that give you a proper lift and make the whole creative process worthwhile....
Trashcan appears on Heaven swooped down upon us.
Link to album:
People of Brisbane.......Much Respect
This goes out to Dj Lame,
Electric crush crew
Dust Storm Jogger
Pink mouse
Nicola Morton
Gravel Samwidge
Blend 42 from outer space
Gerald Keanie and the Keanies
Green nose
Derelict railway
Dot vortex Skunken (Crank the stezza)
Safe hands
Old growth cola
Sky Needle
Cured Pink
Warden Burger
Craft Bandits
Kitchen Floor
Bremen Town Musician
Akiko Yamasaki
Atavist Books
and Viz Artists:
Katie Martin, Sarah Byrne
Leif Arwen Gifford, Zoe Porter
Tor maclean, Caitlin Franzmann
and Nadege Phillipe Janon.

Thanks for scrolling all the way
Good fortune to you and your family.

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